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Use 15+ years of high-profile IT expertise to accelerate your startup.
Get instant access to relevant knowledge during the whole lifecycle of a startup,
leading to business growth and success.

My name is Dr. Michaela Greiler. I am the founder of LendaCTO, where I accelerate startups by coaching and advising entrepreneurs, just like you. I provide you and your leadership team with the required IT knowledge right from the beginning. What's important to me, is that I install this knowledge within your startup, so you are always in control, and grow with each step we take together!


Whether you need to:

  • understand the viability of your idea,
  • make technology choices,
  • find and assess technical talent to join your team,
  • track and evaluate development process and progress,
  • improve your development lifecycle,
  • or even recover from a failed implementation attempt
my previous experiences and expertise make me a perfect fit to guide you.


I have 15+ years of high-profile IT expertise. In the last 5 years, I led innovative software projects at Microsoft from idea creation to product launch. I worked with teams from Office, Windows, Azure and Visual Studio. My area of expertise is software development and its best practices, data mining and data analysis. Check out my Linkedin and get in touch with me.

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